Foam Bed Mattress – Why It’s the Best Choice by Far

download (10)If you are one of the millions who have a problem getting to sleep on an innerspring mattress, it may be a good idea to check out some reviews for a foam bed mattress. These are made with either a natural latex foam, or using space age technology for chemical memory foams. They are very popular for their ability to retain their shape and supportiveness for many years, and for their ability to provide that support equally for the different needs of a reclining body. For millions, switching to a memory foam mattress has completely solved problems with what they thought was insomnia.

Surprisingly, a memory foam bed mattress is often priced at about the same cost as an innerspring, but they can often be found at a much lower price, by taking the time to do a little shopping around. Remember, an innerspring mattress is constructed from hundreds of parts, and many types of materials, where the majority of foam bed mattresses are comprised of a single type of material. Read more reliable and informative foam mattress reviews. Visit our website at

Memory Foam Mattress – Should I Get a Soft or Firm Bed?

images (6)The most important factor for selecting a mattress is personal comfort. If a bed feels good, then it will largely contribute to better sleep and a healthful sleeping position. However, many shoppers go about searching for a new mattress with preconceived notions about what they “should” be looking for.

The medical community often gives confusing advice. Some doctors say a firm mattress is better for support and some say a softer mattress is better. But this advice is contradictory and too simplistic to be helpful. Firmness is not directly related to proper support or comfort, so the advice is not as helpful as it could be. Good advice would say to get a mattress that:

  • Reduces pressure points – evenly distributes pressure across the surface of your body, not just the heavy parts of your body.
  • Keeps your spine in a neutral position – supports your inward body curves (neck, lower back) as well as your outward body curves (hips, shoulders), maintaining a natural body position.
  • Feels comfortable to you – Your body is smart; It knows that personal comfort will naturally contribute to healthful sleep and a natural body position.

Foam mattresses come in varying firmness levels based upon the firmness of the foam used to make the mattress and how the bed is constructed. Both latex and memory foam mattresses are made up from 2 or more layers of foam. The top layer is soft, contouring to your body and offering gentle support. The lower layer or layers provide firm support, maintaining your healthful body position.

Memory Foam Mattress Vs Spring Mattress

download (9)One of the most essential elements when deciding to purchase a cushion is the material out of which it is made. And while there are many choices readily available, the two most talked about and inspected types are memory foam and spring bed mattress. Both offer attractive benefits for those searching for a quality experience; yet each includes drawbacks that should be considered also. Before going to buy a new mattress, read this brief guide in order to prepare yourself for the right purchase and an excellent night’s rest.

Comprising about 80 percent of the mattress market, spring mattresses have been in use for ages – and for a few good reasons. While some other types of padding tend to hold in a sleeper’s body heat, spring mattresses release the heat preventing the user from becoming too warm during the night. Springs are also available in different tension levels, meaning people have the option of choosing the softness or hardness of the surface on which they are sleeping. Also, these are some of the cheapest options around: because the mattress market is so saturated with springs, even high-end mattresses can be a cheap alternative to anything else.

Memory foam cushions are the biggest competitors to their springy counterparts, and for good reason. These bed mattress were developed by NASA for use by astronauts, and they are made from a material that memorizes the curves of a body – the bed mattress will still form this shape, even with pressure applied. Rather of sustaining the body unevenly like spring mattresses, memory foam pads have the ability to hold the body in a consistent pattern, adding to a far more rejuvenating evening of rest. They are likewise far more resilient, often enduring over two times as long as spring mattresses.